Get at least 2 or more sectors under Hopefully GGG will notice it now that the game explicitly shows that the atlas is bugged. Is it any way to reset full atlas? Each time you meet the Conqueror for the first time, go then to another sector. I have been running fully juiced t16 maps again all morning and nothing will spawn anywhere. I think it's only way to unbrick it..., New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the pathofexile community, A subreddit dedicated to Path of Exile, an ARPG made by Grinding Gear Games. I am on mobile and having a hard time viewing the screenshots, but I don't see any regions with 3 stones socketed. Then you will also get maps to drop of that region to prep for after defeating the next conqueror. Is there a "!" above Zana or Kirak? It's most likely not a bug. I already tried it, but not works. Same problem for me. cannot get the citadel to spawn, no matter how many maps I run. Not fully sure how you skipped Veritania with 2 watchstones, but now you might need to spawn them with 3 watchstones. After that do another maps but for different areas where you should encounter another Conquerors. All-Time Non-Streamer Luckless Dropless Rewardless Tons-of-Time-Playing 100% Solo Player. I have that problem now for over 2 weeks now without. atlas is awakening level 7, all watchstones full except for top left missing green. Guys, after patch 3.10.1.c i try any combination of socketing gems but game always said " cannot spawn conqueror" at new atlas view on the left … I already tried it, but not works. Terms of Use, Privacy Notice and Cookies Notice. Added bonus: Move watchstones in other regions to mirror 3 watchstones as well for regions you need watchstones. I've run a bunch of T3's over again, as well as T2's and T1's just for kicks. Spiritual successor to Diablo 2, Press J to jump to the feed. Pick an inner region with blue watchstone not obtained, put in a 3rd watchstone in that region, and then run maps of that tier. If you go up to 3 stones in one of the regions with green still available, does it still say cannot spawn? you may have to finish some mission to progress the campaign. I had been mapping for days at that point without much discrimination. ", that's why i think its a reason why atlas bricked. Silly quesiton but, those 2 stones you have for that region... are those exact 2 stones socketed in that region? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Don't get stuck and frustrated with no map returns or upgrades! In latest patchnotes they said: "Fixed a bug which granted access to the Sirus, Awakener of Worlds encounter after obtaining 16 Watchstones, rather than the intended 20 Watchstones. Somehow you got 16 watchstones already. Cannot spawn 32nd conqueror " N3u7r1n0 wrote: I have been running fully juiced t16 maps again all morning and nothing will spawn anywhere. Let me test to see if I'm understanding... Yeah thats the gist of it. I cant explain why Drox finally randomly spawned in another area, other than to say i had just given up on valdos rest and started doing all kinds of other stuff all over the atlas. Guys, after patch 3.10.1.c i try any combination of socketing gems but game always said " cannot spawn conqueror" at new atlas view on the left side, what can i do? Also check Zana' s shop and run Zana missions. Try 4 in a region with veritania's stone available, she's the only one you haven't killed in your rotation. 1 - green shows 'not obtained' in valdos rest, all 3 others are obtained. If you don't have any, run your highest yellow maps with the 3 socketed in inner and it can potentially drop some in there. You would normally have 4 of each at this point and need 4 watchstones in a region to spawn conquerors. Or do you have stones from another region in there? EDIT: Sorry guys, i attached screenshots: The first one shows all my watchstones, the 2nd that i have mission to kill Veritania when socketed at least 2 watchstones, the rest are screenshots when i socketed 2 watchstones all regions and communicates "Cannot spawn Conqueror". It is like a staging board until you get more and more watchstones.. always prepping for a later region until eventually you have all the watchstones socketed. I have similar issue, what would it take to get GGG attention? I was able to progress, after figuring out what went wrong, and i believe this IS a bug. How to get watchstones, progress through your atlas, and get map upgrades. Every region says "Conqueror cannot spawn" after the initial sirus spawn you have to do a full rotation (4 conqs then sirus) you will NOT get a duplicate conq without doing the full rota. PLEASE QUOTE ME IF YOU ARE EXPECTING A REPLY, Last edited by xhul on Jan 6, 2020, 10:17:51 PM. Even if i was 'unlucky' on green spawning where i need him, SOME conqueror should have spawned somewhere by now. I think it's bricked becaus i alredy defeated others Conquerors at 4 Watchstones, and now i need only Veritania to spawn Sirus, but i cannot because i should have her at 4 watchstones, but i have her only at 2, so atlas bricked :(. The Conqueror may spawn on first attempt.