Called the Philadelphia Deringer, it immediately caught on and spawned a huge number of copies which, to avoid trademark issues were sold as Derringers (with two “r”s). 6 mm Platz - mit PTB sehr schöner Maverick - Derringer 4 läufig - Mod. Derringer Maverick - 4 Läufig - Cal. Derringer guns of today are made by trusted brands such as Bond Arms and Cobra Firearms, and are available in 22 WMR, 22LR, 357 Magnum, 38 Special, 410 Bore, 45ACP, 45 Colt, and 9mm in Black, Pink, Silver, and Cerakote finishes. Seller: adams . Von 1835 bis 1868 produzierte Deringer in Philadelphia etwa 15.000 Exemplare in Kalibern von .33 (8,38 mm) bis .51 (12,95 mm) und mit Lauflängen von 1,5\" (38 mm) bis über 4\" (102 mm). The iconic and legendary derringer for sale at Omaha Outdoors is a pistol that needs no introduction. 12pm-6pm CST Mon Heute zählen die Derringer zu begehrten Liebhaberwaffen. While few of us ever thought we’d have a blacked-out lever-action hunting rifle on our wish list, here we are with not one, but two. Florida-based Diamondback Firearms announced their new DBX 5.7x28mm pistol earlier this year and the neat little gun is now filtering out to the market. Derringer Great Gun najlepsza broń czarnoprochowa -bez zezwolenia a z dożywotnią gwarancją. With a price point around $300 and a lot of standard features for that amount of green, the new Taurus G3C gives the buyer a lot of bang for the buck. The COP Model SS-11 (Compact Off-Duty Police),2 colloquially known as the COP .357 Derringer, was an American four-barrel double-action only pistol designed in 1983 by Robert Hillberg and manufactured by COP Inc. from 1983 to 1990. Categories The simplicity of single action, as well as their heavy-hitting capability, makes derringer firearms some of the most desired weapons in the world. 6 mm Platz -der Zustand ist gut - schaltet einwandfrei um -die wunderschöne Holzbox ( Don Quijote) gebe ich mit dazu - Waffen Frank. - Product # 114562, © 2020 Omaha Outdoors, LLC. Derringer. Remington Arms U.M.C. Remington Arms Model 4 Derringer 41 caliber (2) 3" over and under barrels Checkered grips Manual ejector button Tip up design for loading & unloading Made 1912-1935 Bores are ...Click for more info. Probably held in place by a screw that was drilled into the right side of the fr ...Click for more info. Its maximum effective range was only about 25 feet (8 m). Bond Arms Roughneck 2 RD 45 ACP 2.5" Derringer, Bond Arms Grizzly Bear 2 RD 45 Colt/410 Bore 3" Derringer With Holster, Cobra CB38 Nickel 2.75" Derringer 38 Special, Cobra CB38 Chrome 2.75" Derringer 38 Special, Cobra C22m Nickel 2.4" Derringer 22 WMR Rosewood Grips, Bond Arms Old Glory American Flag Cerakote 3.5" Derringer 410 Bore 45 Colt, Bond Arms Texas Defender 3" Derringer 22 WMR, Bond Arms Texas Defender 3" Derringer 45 ACP, Bond Arms Texas Defender 3" Derringer 357 Magnum 38 Special, Bond Arms Texas Defender 3" Derringer 410 Bore 2.5" 45 Colt, Bond Arms Snake Slayer IV 4.25" Derringer 357 Magnum 38 Special, Bond Arms Snake Slayer IV 2 RD 45 Colt 4.25" Derringer, Bond Arms Snake Slayer 3.5" Derringer 410 Bore 3" 45 Colt, Bond Arms Ranger II 4.25" Derringer 357 Magnum 38 Special, Bond Arms Ranger II 4.25" Derringer 410 Bore 3" 45 Colt. Used in Gunsmoke, The Man with the Golden Gun, The Matrix Reloaded, and the video game Assassin's Creed Syndicate, its popularity continues to rise. GI#: 101531743. Marlin v. Henry: Modernized Lever Gun Showdown. $995.00 . Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore reserves the right to modify or change pricing information or descriptions without notice. Der Name bezieht sich auf den US-amerikanischen Waffenhersteller Henry Deringer (1786–1868), der eine kurze einschüssige Vorderladerpistole mit Perkussionszündung entwickelt hatte. Capitalism happened, and the name of the copy stuck. Find your perfect Derringer at Omaha Outdoors and own a hand-held piece of American history. Derringer. Stay in the know. Seller: Elephant & Castle Fine Arms . Die hier angebotenen freien Derringer funktionieren zum Einen mit Knallpatronen und zum Anderen mit Zündplättchen und 4,30 mm Rundkugeln.