It’s surprising this and it’s predecessor were made to be one film, as they have very different tones. Don't worry, the actors filed a lawsuit and won! 1974 continues... Not quite as fun as ‘The Three Musketeers’, the ‘Four Musketeers’ gives an okay ending the story begun in the previous movie. There are some fun sword fights in this including one where everyone keeps slipping on and falling through ice. The Dumas classic is brought to rousing life once more , where set during the Anglo-French War, our roguish heroes must once…. Of both films they are shot to perfection. A woman causes a group of assassins to face their greatest challenge. I think THE FOUR MUSKETEERS is more entertaining than its predecessor. It's interesting that he was cast as Russell Crowe's mentor in "Gladiator" because he has a lot of the same energy…. Directed by Richard Lester. Barbie und die drei Musketiere (2009). Looking for some great streaming picks? Katzenalarm!!! Can D'Artagnan save Constance, defeat Rochefort, slip de Winter's ire, and stay free of the Cardinal? A young swordsman comes to Paris and faces villains, romance, adventure and intrigue with three Musketeer friends. It was, however, just the first act and part of the second act (maybe) of a full story, so it makes perfect sense. Which is your favorite Christopher Lee villain character? Complex family relationships, as well as a combat experience, form the personality of the future world-known politician. Both are excellent, both sharing a feeling…. Oliver Reed Raquel Welch Richard Chamberlain Michael York Christopher Lee Geraldine Chaplin Faye Dunaway Roy Kinnear Michael Gothard Nicole Calfan Ángel del Pozo Eduardo Fajardo Simon Ward Jean-Pierre Cassel Charlton Heston Sybil Danning Frank Finlay Gitty Djamal Jack Watson, Ilya Salkind Pierre Spengler Alexander Salkind Michael Salkind, I Quattro Moschettieri, The Four Musketeers: Milady's Revenge, Die 4 Halunken der Königin, Els Quatre Mosqueters, Die vier Musketiere - Die Rache der Mylady, A Vingança de Milady, Los cuatro mosqueteros, 108 mins   Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. I recommend these Musketeers movies to anybody who’s letting themselves get nervous or agitated due to Current Events. Alexander, Michael and Ilya Salkind Productions, Louis XIII Can D'Artagnan save Constance, defeat Rochefort, slip de Winter's ire, and stay free of the Cardinal? drama comedy action adventure. The battle that takes place early in the second film is hysterically funny as our heroes try to eat lunch in the middle of a war.The actors and actresses are all wonderful, especially Michael York, Oliver Reed, Faye Dunaway, and Charlton Heston. Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. One small weakness in the film is that it does not have the time or interest in describing how Milady de Winter seduces her jailor. . Die vier Musketiere - Die Rache der Milady (The Four Musketeers): Abenteuerfilm/Mantel- und Degenfilm 1974 von Alexander Salkind mit Frank Finlay/Christopher Lee/Michael York. Die vier Musketiere ist ein Abenteuerfilm aus dem Jahr 1974 von Richard Lester mit Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch und Richard Chamberlain. Feel free…, Justin Hullinger 3,163 films 812 32 Edit, UPDATE 7/8/2018: It's been a while since I checked on this list, and I'm happy to see that a lot…, I created this list of Letterboxd movie Collections to make it easier to find related movies. You get the feeling that there's a whole chunk of material linking the end of one film…. With this in mind you can forgive it for being a bit repetitive in places and as a complementary follow up it's an equally satisfying slapstick swashbuckler that brings the adventure to a fitting, bittersweet close, Richard Lester's deft direction and the subversive hi-jinks of the mischievous cast making for great entertainment. Keine Mäuse, sondern einen Mann für Linda, der sie auf andere Gedanken bringen soll. Milady, with Rochefort's help, then turns to her personal agenda. NeverTooEarlyMP 4,925 films 7,360 446 Edit. My biggest takeaway from this is I have to see more Oliver Reed movies. But it was almost too light-hearted for its own good. Die drei Musketiere (2005) -Die drei Musketiere (2011) 4,67: Die drei Musketiere - Kampf um Frankreichs Krone (2013) 6,00: Crossover: Zorro und die drei Musketiere (1963) -Parodie: Die Sexabenteuer der drei Musketiere (1971) 2,00: Die tollen Charlots - Hilfe, mein Degen klemmt (1974) -Die erotischen Abenteuer der 3 Musketiere (1992) -Anime: Serien The Three Musketeers Review. This and its predecessor, shot together, are absolutely delightful comedic action-adventures. This…. Leider bei weitem nicht mehr so amüsant und da die Story eh schon davor der Schwachpunkt war, für mich auch schlechter. Report this film, I think the two movies play best together, as parts of one 3+ hour movie, which appears to be how they were shot (considering the first one ends with the trailer for the second). D'Artagnan and his fellow Musketeers plot to replace the ineffectual Louis XIV of France with his secretly imprisoned twin brother Phillipe, who is the firstborn and rightful King. Richelieu enlists Rochefort to kidnap Constance, the Queen's go-between and D'Artagnan's love. Die vier Musketiere. What's really funny, though, is how the producers conned all the actors into thinking they filmed one film (and paid them for one film) when they really made two! Du kannst "Die vier Musketiere" bei Amazon Prime Video legal im Stream anschauen, bei Amazon Video online leihen oder auch bei Amazon Video als Download kaufen. But soon, she is D'Artagnan's sworn enemy, and she has an unfortunate history with Athos as well. All for one, one for all. while you’re watching them it’s impossible to think or worry about anything else. Oliver Reed and Faye Dunnaway are given more to work with here, delving into their background as the rich noble and the woman, he fell in love with. Please enable it to continue. The best adaptation of this story that I have seen so far. they did another one of these 15 years later with Lester and the same cast that I can’t track down anywhere. As an historian, I enjoyed the small touches of historical accuracy in the film. D'Artagnan has become a Musketeer. you’re right there in 17th century France for a couple hours. Im Internet? At times this is fun, at others uneven, but overall I enjoyed it.