You will also need 12 images added to your media library to be used for the building the image gallery. Image widths for Divi are based on the number of columns being used in the Divi Builder or Theme Builder. Last but not least, we all know the Divi Blog Module crops the featured image by default. 4.1 - Installing and activating the Simple Media Sizes extension; 4.2 - Changing the size of Divi images Using these default settings, the image widths for Divi images based on the number of columns are shown below; The recommended image size for a 1 column image in Divi … Order by A default Divi setup would have a max-width of 1080px and a gutter-width of 3. The easy way to create a beautiful image carousel using Divi Supreme Image Carousel Module. As the images are added manually the user cannot click through the images like in an image module. Stop Divi Blog Feed Featured Image from Cropping How to Stop Divi Blog Module Featured Image Crop. Content Options Image Carousel +Add Gallery Images. After. How to obtain correct images while keeping the size of Divi's images? Before. For a Divi gallery module using a grid layout, the size of your images should be around 1500px by 800px if you plan on your images opening up in lightbox display so that it fills the screen nicely on most desktops. Divi includes an image gallery with grid display in its modules, so I wanted to use it instead of integrating a different gallery to keep site updates as user-friendly as possible. 3. This code snippet will remove the default Divi cropped image size for the gallery images and will use the original aspect ratio instead. However, he hated how the different sized images would move the page up and down and it went from landscape to portrait aspect ratios. Choose the right Divi Image size. Choose multiple images from your Media Library here. I’ve succeeded to change the aspect ratio, however, the aspect ratio is changed but the image used for the GALLERY is the “et-pb-portfolio-image size”, which is, by default, 400x284px. Learn How To Change the Divi Gallery Slider Height. A Divi photo gallery can be manually created by placing Divi image modules throughout your page, ... Each of the images has the Open In Lightbox setting toggled on so that a user can click the image to open the full-size image in a popup. 3.1 Understand the importance of RATIO (or REPORT) 3.2 Resize images before uploading to WordPress; 4. There was only one problem: for the life of me, I couldn’t find any way to adjust the size of the thumbnails! I needed to implement image galleries in a few different custom post types for said site. I followed several tutorials on how to change aspect ratio of the divi gallery images. The image carousel module is perfect for showcasing a set of images, your portfolio pieces, client logos and much more. I”ve written several tutorials here on the blog about how to control image gallery images, but recently I had a client who wanted a gallery slider. How to change the size of Divi's images to customize its site?