i30. HJC i 70 vs c70. Conclusion of the analysis. The “ACS” Advanced … MODULAR. For all those who are now wondering, “what is the difference between the HJC i 70 and the c70? MODULAR (Discontinued) SY-MAX III. Find a store Find a store. Reduces the glare. The HJC C70 Helmet is a fully-featured full-face helmet that respects your bank balance. … Excellent fit. OPEN FACE. The next step for us when analysing the price of HJC C70 Lianto was to look in even further detail by looking at prices of products from HJC specifically in the HJC C70 category. PRODUCT DETAILS | SPECIFICATIONS | TECHNICAL FEATURES; The C 70 features an internal sun shield with a manual, easy-slide lever mechanism. Features: … The C70 is constructed with HJC's Advanced Polycarbonate Composite shell that is lightweight and features the center-locking Pinlock-ready HJ-20M faceshield for easy opening with either hand. June 8, 2020 - by Darren W. Nice helmet . The C80 offers a wide vision face shield … Top vents optimize ventilation into the interior air channels and out through the exterior exhaust vent with an aerodynamic spoiler design. CL-17. HJC C70 Helmet. FULL FACE. IS-5. The main difference lies in the opening system of the screen and the piping system. The helmet is lovely, nice fit following the fitting guide. i90. The helmet is composed of our Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell, that provides a lightweight helmet, with superior fit and comfort from the advanced CAD technology. Both offer sunscreen, a micrometric closure, the same material for the cap, etc. In … The Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell provides a lightweight helmet, with superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology. Good value . C70 CURVES FULL FACE 179,90 € Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. FG-JET. CL-MAX 3. The interior liner is made from moisture-wicking material and is fully removable and washable. OPEN FACE . IS-MAX II. Designed to be used in either off-road or street, this new model allows the rider to have multiple configurations. CS-R3. V90. The i70 features an inner, drop-down sun visor with a new, easy-to-use lever. The C80 Dual Sport Modular helmet brings a new look to the HJC lineup. The HJC C70 visors are supplied with a black plastic opening tab and with Pinlock pins fitted for use with the 100% Max Vision larger Pinlock anti-fog visor inserts, these inserts can now also be … The full-face shell is noticeably more compact and lighter than its predecessor, the IS-17. That meant that there were a total of 43 that were more expensive than HJC … FULL FACE. HJC C70 Lianto - Red . We finish our analysis. OPEN FACE. FULL FACE (Discontinued) MODULAR MANUALS. MODULAR. We can see here the ventilation system at the chin guard of the HJC i 70. MODULAR (Discontinued) OPEN FACE MANUALS. Color. MODULAR (Discontinued) CL-MAX 2. The average price of HJC products in the HJC C70 category is £145.99, with the most expensive option being £599.99 and lowest cost coming in at £11.99. C70. HJC C70 Lianto - Fluo Green. This is my first helmet and would have liked a push clip under the chin but the D rings will work fine.. HJC C70 Lianto - Pink. MODULAR. OPEN FACE … Fairly quiet helmet . The built in sun visor is really great . FULL FACE (Discontinued) FG-17. Genuine HJC C70 visors for HJC models that use the visor model code HJ-20M, which will be imprinted on the top corner of your original visor for reference. IS-33 II. June 8, 2020 - by anonymous. Choose from clear, light tint, dark tint, silver, gold & blue mirror. The i70 is a modern and sleek sport-touring helmet composed of HJC’s advanced polycarbonate material.