Romano-British/Celtic. Character Overview. Lineage. 0 commentaire . Appears In. But they came together and supported each other in the ways they needed most. Plot. Of the many brave souls who have tried to find her, none succeeded and only a few ever returned. Unknown. Viviane, Nimue. Even her precise location has never been confirmed. Tennyson writes, ‘And near [Merlin] stood the Lady of the Lake, who knows a subtler magic than his own— Clothed in white samite, mystic, wonderful. The Lady of the Lake finally explains that Merlin dedicated her life to resuscitating a being known as Chaos, the one who created the world, the gods, and the five races, and for that she used the Seven Deadly Sins to destroy the Demon King in order to disrupt the balance between light and darkness that he and the Supreme Deity upheld. Alternate Names. Freya was a Druid girl who fell in love with Merlin, who she met when he helped her to escape from the bounty hunter Halig. Merlin Tweet Partage. 21 Nov 2009 à 23:21. Where she came from, or how she gained her vast powers, no one can say. The Lady of the Lake is a powerful sorceress and guardian and bestower of Excalibur.She is located on a peninsula in the lake southeast of Taverley.She plays a minor role in the Merlin's Crystal quest by giving the player Excalibur after the player passes her test.. The Lady of the Lake, an enchantress also known as Viviane (pronounced VIV-ee-uhn) or Nimue (pronounced neem-OO-ay), appears in many of the tales of King Arthur. Lady of the Lake. These were two lonely teenagers, both ostracized from society, neither with enough self-worth to hold themself up. Revered and dreaded throughout the realms, the Lady of the Lake first appeared in the deepest forests of Woodroot in Avalon's sixth century. If you lose your Excalibur, you can visit her and pay 500 coins for another one. Me: Merlin and Freya only knew each other for a maximum of three days, so they couldn’t have been in love per se, but their bond was important nevertheless. Tales of King Arthur. Nationality/Culture. The Lady of the Lake is also said to have been the foster mother of Sir Lancelot, one of Arthur's knights. Merlin continues to serve Prince Arthur while concealing his magical abilities in a kingdom where they are outlawed. She later died on the shores of the Lake of Avalon, after which she became the Lady of the Lake. Merlin – The Lady of the Lake (2.09) Par Carole.