Within this act, the exile returns to Highgate, whose waters run red with all the blood of the slain Beast.Sin's strategy for defeating Kitava includes waking a Dark Ember in the corpse of your Beast since it was the Beast that kept the gods sleeping over the eons. There is a trial of ascendancy within this zone, marked by the green path on the guide map. Moving around will remove this debuff before its timer ends.Damage Type: Physical & Chaos DoT. Maligaro’s spirit will be untargetable. Back in the Foothills, head up and to the left to reach the entrance to the Tunnel. It is designed around a strong online item economy, deep character … As a miniboss of the Core Map. As a miniboss of Act 9 Rotting Core. You will want to begin by heading up and to the right to reach the first supply hoist down the mountain. These can be destroyed, but have a fair amount of health. General Adus will perform the following moves: EarthquakeDescription: Adus strikes the ground, dealing an initial hit and an aftershock 2.5 seconds later.Damage Type: Physical, Lightning ConduitsDescription: Various conduits will arc together, dealing damage to anything between them.Damage Type: Lightning, Lightning EarthquakeDescription: Adus is infused with lightning from the central conduit. Warp FormDescription: Doedre warps to the target, disappearing and reappearing within a redbubble that explodes and deals damage. Going up to the right, there is the Refinery that continues the main questline marked by the 1 on the guide map and to the left there an optional minor god, marked by the 2, that provides a passive point. Max stack of 6.Damage Type: Physical, Storm Call DownsDescription: The Trinity will summon numerous books in three curved lines that will perform Storm Call Downs after 2 seconds.Damage Type: Lightning, Bubble BurstDescription: The Trinity will toss numerous red bubbles into the arena. This will also be shown visually by your character sinking into the sand. The Accursed Monoliths in the boss room will cast 3 different debuffs: The debuffs are alternative versions of Temporal Chains, Enfeeble and Vulnerability, as well as Effluent debuffs. He will then charge up and release a small AoE shock nova.Damage Type: Lightning. Path of Exile is an online Action RPG set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. The map variant is Portentia, the Foul (Waste Pool Map Waste Pool Map Map Level: 76 Map Tier: 9 Guild Character: _ Verdant life blossoms amidst death. After these have spawned, the real Maligaro will join back in.Damage Type: Physical. Head down to encounter the Depraved Trinity. We can now summon a doedre's effigy wich applies 6 additional curses to an enemy since it ignores curse limit. Here Sin will summon portals to Doedre, Maligaro and Shavronne’s Spirits. In this phase, Shakari will perform the same moves as in Phase 1, but with 2 extra moves and quicksand lining the arena. The Depraved Trinity is an amalgamation of the previous spirits we just encountered: Doedre, Maligaro and Shavronne. i was fighting Doedre and she disapears , there are only totems which are replacing in the moment i destoy and Doedre didnt come back , i cant go out , cause door is blocked and i cannot die cause there is no enemy ... Last bumped on Nov 9, 2017, 3:12:44 PM. It lasts until it collides with a wall or obstacle.Damage Type: Physical, DashDescription: Garukhan will charge up and dash through a chosen target. Simply walk out of the quicksand areas to remove the debuff.Damage Type: N/A. After the Depraved Trinity had been defeated, the arena will flood and you will be washed out to the shore line, where Lilly and Weylam await you to aid in your return to Oraith. It is recommended to have the following for this encounter: This fight has 3 main phases. the "vile" form in act 8. this is probably the most fair kind of Doedre fight because the Valve resets phases and removes debuffs. They apply the following debuffs. About every 10 seconds, Doedre’s Spirit will teleport in, spawning 3 green Doedre’s Loyal minions. In the Boiling Lake, head to the top right of the zone to encounter a unique mini-boss, the Basilisk. Oh you think doedre is bad with melee? Bringing to you my 9 curse Doedre's Skin Herald of Agony Occultist! She is the Spirit form of Doedre, it's also the last time we fight her in the storyline, if not counting The Depraved Trinity encounter. Act 9 boss is a combination of 3 bosses. If stood in, you will gain a stack of this effluent every second. Maligaro’s Zone will have monsters that can poison & purple blade vortexes that move around dealing physical damage. If you wish to encounter the first minor god of the act, head to the number 2 marked on the guide map. They will slow your movement and action speed each stack and can stack to a maximum of 10. Soon after these shoot into the sky, dealing physical and chaos damage.Damage Type: Physical & Chaos, Add SpawnDescription: At 33% life, Maligaro becomes untargetable, and vanishes. As a the merged boss of Carcass Map This zone is very linear, easy to navigate and carries roughly the same layout as the Aqueducts of Act IV. You are taking 6% increased damage for each stack of Doedre's Torment. This page was last edited on 10 November 2020, at 01:07. After you have defeated her, teleport back to Highgate, take the waypoint to the Vastiri Desert and continue to the Foothills. We will first look at the minor god, Garukhan, Queen of the Winds in the Shrine of the Winds. You and your Minions are dealing 5% less damage for each stack of Doedre's Withering. Ultimate end gear of this character is not cheap! Once you reach the end you will encounter Doedre’s Arena. You will know you are heading in the right direction when you see enemies that have been turned to stone. Path of Exile is a free online-only action RPG under development by Grinding Gear Games in New Zealand. The most important skill to dodge in that fight involves purple arrows spawning on ground and shooting upwards. As the merged act boss Act 9. Her arena will always be on the wall of the zone, either on the top or bottom. On a side note doedre right now is a dps check of raw dps. You will want to ultimately try and head up and to the top left to reach the entrance to the Rotting Core. As a miniboss of Act 9 Rotting Core. These debuffs can be removed by destroying the respective totem. As always, thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one exile. This will bring you to the entrance of the Oasis, blocked by the Sandstorm. You may complete this now if desired. There will be 1 more inter-zone supply hoist and then last supply hoist leading to the Vastiri Desert entrance. After defeating her, take the portal back to the Black Heart. I unfortunately don't have the time to get that out. But that is the problem. Last Updated on January 31, 2019 by Engineering Eternity. Take the Basilisk Acid that it drops, teleport back to Highgate and take the waypoint back to the Foothills. Path of Exile: Act 9 - The Black Heart - Doedre's Despair Citizen Zero Games. She will attack with a single sand style sunder and burrow to the next location, repeating the same move. Once in Highgate, head to the top right to enter the Descent. Wait until you see yugul. These will spawn in counter clockwise order, one at a time, with a spawn timer of 5 seconds. After settling the dispute between the Sisters, Solaris and Lunaris, you will be guided into the Blood Aqueducts. Every 5 seconds, Maligaro’s Spirit will appear and attack with a large AoE Cleave that deals physical damage, applies maim and can poison. Doedre’s WitheringDescription: Is applied by the green monolith, which makes the target and their minions deal 5% less damage for each stack.