My people will never allow it. Tasuni: My sister, Kira has grown obsessed with the Vulture of the Wastes, our goddess Garukhan. Payments: PayPal, Skrill, BitCoin. Kira has kidnapped Oyun and plans to sacrifice her to Garukhan, a Maraketh Goddess. Buy PoE Currency Safe and Fast with a 3% off coupon: AOE. The water runs red with toxic, corrupted blood. Perhaps the time has come to forge our customs anew, in our image, not those of false and selfish gods. His followers are as blind as he, and so must you be, for it's clear to my eyes that Tasuni desires for but one wish. She acts as a Vendor for armours and weapons. You have brought me grief. Though you showed a mighty bravery when you slew that horrendous Beast, by the thoughtlessness of your actions, you have caused great trouble to fall upon our home. Well, look now, where ambition has gotten you, my love... You have killed Kira and Garukhan but failed to save Oyun. She would not want that. Sin's strategy for defeating Kitava includes waking a Dark Ember in the corpse of your Beast since it was the Beast that kept the gods sleeping over the eons. Tasuni is an NPC that can be found in Highgate in act 4 and act 9. Within this act, the exile returns to Highgate, whose waters run red with all the blood of the slain Beast. Leave the trials of power to women, we who know how to nurture, how to grow, how to protect. Now go … But now, Tasuni, with feather in hand, moves to take Highgate for himself. Our gods are false. For your troubles, outsider. A Book of Skill. Your ways are not our ways. She has rewarded you with a Book of Skill. Yet I fear she means to sacrifice our Sekhema to the Vulture of the Wastes.Garukhan . Contents Irasha is an NPC located in Highgate in Act 9, standing next to Petarus and Vanja. To think that Highgate might fall to the whims of that shriveled cock! Without the feather, Tasuni will be unable to take control of Highgate, no matter how much he lies and whines. - Maraketh Coronation Ritual to Irasha and she now rules Highgate. Honour the Mother, Honour the Life. ‣ Stash Tabs: The default stash space is pretty limited, if you like the game and are able to, consider buying more stash tabs. There I was, tending to the animals when the ground moved beneath me. - Maraketh Coronation Ritual to Tasuni and he now rules Highgate. When the women of Highgate finally caught them, I was given an opportunity to enact the execution myself, an offer I gladly took. As long as we have that, the throne of Maraketh will remain safe. Without a mother, none would tread this dirt today. Even at twelve, I knew the price for betraying the akhara. Well, his desires are but wanton lusts while Oyun still lives. Buy Cheap PoE Currency Instant Delivery with a 5% off coupon: CURRENCY. Enter Belly of the Beast and kill the Depraved Trinity . Is there anything i have to consier of? I ask this of you, for you are familiar with such barbarism and will not feel the pangs of mercy that I would. Last edited by Flo; Aug 8, 2017 @ 9:43am #6. Two of a very few outsiders I’ve met worth a lick of salt. She acts as a Vendor for armours and weapons. Like a rabid dog wandering the mountain pass, she must be put down. You must be the outsider, the "Beast Killer". Tasuni wins. Yet, for the sake of my people, I ask that you keep your peace while among us. You have killed Kira and Garukhan but failed to save Oyun. Within this post, PoeCurrecyBuy will share you quickly leveling guides from act 6 to act 10. I will take the Feather of Sekhema and mount the saddle of Highgate. Used to transmute a Typical quality item into a rare, high-quality item. You have given the Sekhema FeatherSekhema Feather"And how shall we know a sekhema worthy of rule? Does anyone know wheater there are differences between those two?