Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Colonel Cameron Mitchell commanded that the entire building be beamed into space where it could safely explode. Vala escaped in that Al'kesh, and the trip to the Pegasus had to be aborted because of the ship's hull damage, forcing the Prometheus to return to Earth for repairs. After communicating with Carter, the aliens once again return the crew and depart in peace. After SG-1's mission to access the Outpost was successful, Prometheus entered orbit to directly battle Anubis' mothership. trekkie4christ, When the snoopy TV reporter Julia Donovan approaches to Sam with inside information about a top-secret project in Nevada, the government decides to authorize a tour to Donovan and her crew provided they sign a non-disclosure agreement. (He preferred the name Enterprise.). She was held in place with large docking clamps. (SG1: "Full Alert"), Prometheus is attacked by Goa'uld Death Gliders and Al'kesh, After the Asgard hyperdrive engines were successfully tested, Gen. Hammond selected his crew to embark on a rescue mission to the Pegasus Galaxy where the Atlantis expedition team was stranded and had not been heard from since they left. Access to the subterranean bay was given through an elevator housed in a shack surrounded by an electric fence. 8 F-302 fighter-interceptors On one such mission, the ship made contact with the Asgard flagship Daniel Jackson, which was bringing Teal'c back from a mission to the Othala Galaxy. Colonel Chekov is appointed as the Russi… However, in return for Earth's help in fighting the Replicators, the Asgard retrofitted Prometheus with several highly advanced Asgard systems, most notably an Asgard hyperdrive and shield. Soon after a mysterious blue force shield appeared around the Prior and the Stargate. Designer (SGA: "The Lost"), Later in 2009, the George Hammond encountered the alien ship that had chased the Prometheus into the gas cloud. However, it was a trick and the alternate SG-1 intended to use her to steal the Zero Point Module from Atlantis. Technical specifications A television news crew has unearthed information about an Air Force project called "Prometheus". Following Daniel Jackson's disappearance while on the planet, Tegalus, the Prometheus was dispatched to save Daniel but tragically, this mission also ended up being the Prometheus's last ever mission. Chekov collaborates with the SGC several episodes later in "48 Hours", giving them a DHDfrom Russian possession and allowing the SGC to use the Russian Stargate. Naquadah Completed in 2002, it was later brought into service, serving as the Tau'ri's primary planetary defense and exploration vessel in the Milky Way, becoming the Tau'ri's first ever spaceship. We are not given the name of the female crew member who opened channels to broadcast a message for the Colonel as he saw an alien vessel approach Earth. Tragically, Pendergast himself and thirty-nine members of the Prometheus's crew died as a result while also making Prometheus the first ever Tau'ri ship to have been destroyed in battle. However, Donovan's crew who are in fact Rogue NID agents later hijack the ship, demanding the release of Adrian Conrad and Frank Simmons. Hyperdrive system Colonel Samantha Carter and SG-1, carrying a Mark IX "Gatebuster" Naquadria-enhanced Nuclear warhead to stop an Ori incursion on the planet Kallana (Kallana's Stargate wasn't accessible). Prometheus 20 [4], When Anubis launched a full-scale attack against Earth, Major General George S. Hammond assumed direct albeit temporary command of the Prometheus at the request of President Henry Hayes. Unfortunately, the Naquadria reactor core which enabled the ship to travel in hyperspace began acting up with the effect even causing the Prometheus itself to drop out of hyperspace prematurely and ultimately, falling 49 thousand light years short of its destination. SG-1's mission was to reverse the effects of a time dilation device which the Asgard had created to slow down the Replicators's progression until a method of ridding the universe of them was found. In return, the Air Force would receive all the classified material from the journalist. Seventy-six of over 115 crewmen survive. Tau'ri. This FAQ is empty. Sublight enginesManeuvering thrustersBuffered Naquadria reactor core powered Tau'ri hyperdrive (original)Al'kesh hyperdrive (temporary)Asgard hyperdrive (refit) They believe it to be a generator, but know it uses Trinium, an element not found on Earth. The Al'kesh was found and used by a rogue cell of the NID, operating under the name of The Trust, who used the ship to steal the Stargate from Stargate Command and launch symbiote poison on worlds thought to bein Ba'al's domain. Fortunatelly the rogue Frank Simmons seems to have gone away. 1. Despite plans to construct more BC-303 class-ships, the BC-303 was later rendered obsolete by the more powerful and advanced BC-304 which also means that the Prometheus itself remains the sole member of the entire BC-303 class. Following the destruction of the Prometheus, the crew found refuge in the Caledonian Federation until Daniel was able to negotiate a deal between Rand and Caledonia that allowed Caledonia use of the Stargate to leave the planet. Prometheus sat in a subterranean bay in Nevada (Area 37-92/NV) where she was assembled and maintained. The ship engaged Anubis's fleet in Antarctica to protect SG-1 as they sought to activate the Ancient weapons platform in the Antarctic outpost, buried within a mile of ice. During the rescue effort, the Prometheus's crew and Carter, Mitchell and Teal'c all discovered that the planet which had recently come under the influence of Ori Priors also possessed an Ori satellite that belonged to the Rand Protectorate. Transportation ringsEscape podsAsgard transporter (refit) Vala stranded the crew on her crippled Al'kesh and took Prometheus to a planet where she intended to sell her for a case full of refined weapons grade Naquadah, but her plans were thwarted by Daniel who was the only crew member left on board the ship. Meanwhile Carter manages to escape from the hijackers and hides in a store. Unfortunately, the X-303 was hijacked while still incomplete by rogue NID agents with the agents themselves demanding the release of Colonel Frank Simmons and the Goa'uld infested Adrian Conrad which eventually happened with Major Samantha Carter and Jonas Quinn, two members of SG-1, the SGC's flagship team becoming hostages in the process. (SG1: "Ripple Effect"), Prometheus's shields are breached by the Ori satellite.[6]. After discovering that the Naquadah had been used in the very structure of the building, Lt. Episode cast overview, first billed only. Use the HTML below. They felt that it was easier to just steal her than to gain access to the Stargate. Height/Depth ... 8 of 10 people found this review helpful. Daniel and Vala were rescued by the crew of the Prometheus who had managed to get their Al'kesh repaired. Fortunatelly the rogue Frank Simmons seems to have gone away. After some conflicts with the Tagreans they were allowed to stay and await parts and repair equipment brought through the Stargate in order to get back home.