— Rudolf Steiner, ESOTERIC LESSONS 1904-1909 (Steiner Books, 2007), pp. Michaelmas, the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel (also the Feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, the Feast of the Archangels, or the Feast of Saint Michael and All Angels) is a day in the Western Christian calendar which occurs on 29 September. Aug 28, 2012 - Autumn ~ Martinmas ~ Saint Martin ~ transperancy “This may be called a battle which the spirits who are followers of the spirit belonging to the hierarchy of Archangels whom we may call Michael fought with certain ahrimanic powers [minions of Ahriman]. They therefore would not unite with spiritual progress in human evolution but with material progress. The second graders are the villagers, the princess, and St. George. The iron we soften and then we bend (After a week or two of the preceding, the following is added.) When that black age approaches, then fraternal war will rage in a gruesome way, and poor human bodies will waste away, terribly afflicted by diseases and plagues. And we have continued to make the silk capes. Oh bring me a galloping horse for to ride, Iron from the stars, from the earth, so fine, and wants to be told that he comes from this or that Hierarchy, that he is an Archangel, that Archangels have such and such qualities. O Michael, you, you we await. Oct 1, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Monique Verdin Klosterman. These swords are stamped “by the blacksmith” with the symbol of each child, and are not seen as toys. Before this they were more of a general property, now they were transplanted to become personal property. A rickety, tickity, tickity, tick, I’ll be a knight of Michael, too, For all they want is to hold on to the life of the earth and remain united with it; they do not want to take the right course, which is to progress from the earth's corpse to what will be the future soul and spirit of the earth.”, “Things go in cycles or periods. We might say: The dawn, the very beginning of this battle between Michael and the dragon, was in 1841. [http://corp-minamiji.typepad.com/it-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time/waldorf/], School of Michael - also see Anthroposophy; Michael; mystery schools; School of Spiritual Science. Trusts the earth will hold it warm, The story speaks to children in a deeply symbolic way, feeding their innate need for truth and justice. * More typically, Steiner associated freedom with the effects of Lucifer. are no longer to be found in the heavens, to use the biblical term. So one year we made golden capes instead, dyed from the gold gathered in the drying of our marigolds. sketch, 2014, based on the one in the book. The hunger and unpredictability of the reptilian world of adolescence surges onto their horizon, and it is fitting that they should work together in lockstep beneath one skin as they are defeated or tamed by innocence. I found many wonderful stories in the Wynstones Autumn book and through conversations with wise teachers. For many years I have lived with the questions: I work in a mature school which has rich traditions around this festival. For esotericism, Mammon is not only the god of money. At the festival, the third grade class is dancing a harvest dance when the dragon arrives. The sixth grade are a fearsome monster. As the custodian of cosmic intelligence [2], and as spirit of the age [3], Michael inspires all human beings who wish to connect the human spirit with the spirit of the cosmos. The children will wield their weapons against the dragons of imagination, but they leave school on Michaelmas-day announcing that their swords are to be used “only for the right./ Not for some silly quarrel or fight.”. For Michael’s garment of rays There always is the danger of people continuing in materialism, in the materialistic, ahrimanic way of thinking, and carrying this on into ages when, according to the plan of things, it should have been overcome. Michael has supplanted Gabriel in guiding human affairs, but when Michael arrived so did a "dark god.". As such, he is a spiritual being of extreme significance to humanity, comparable to Lucifer and Ahriman, whom he helps subdue. The spiritual powers of the Sun have always been. The information included on this site is for educational purposes only. And beneath a sheltering wing, —. I have already sewn down one edge for a casing, and we all twizzle a tie from two strands of yarn. Once upon a time, a dragon menaced the countryside. Then a time will come when those who cling to the materialistic way of thinking will unite with the moon powers and surround the earth, which will be a burnt-out corpse, together with the moon. Ask the gnomes the iron to mine, Of course, St. Michael bounces right back up and conquers the dragon. Ye are predestined by Thought Divine. Things were particularly lively in 1845. From the Waldorf perspective, a play about Michael's earthly representative slaying a dragon (the embodiment of demonic evil) is not merely a play — it is an enactment of Waldorf religious belief. According to Steiner, the archangel Michael guides humanity in our time, and he does this primarily through Anthroposophy. How can we find the right imagination to bring to young children around the festival of Michaelmas? As the custodian of cosmic intelligence [2], and as spirit of the age [3], Michael inspires all human beings who wish to connect the human spirit with the spirit of the cosmos. — Robert A. McDermott quoting Steiner, THE ESSENTIAL STEINER (Lindisfarne Press, 2007), p. 375. 4 (Anthroposophical Publishing Company, 1957), lecture 5, part 2, GA 152. Shelter it from cold and harm. I told a gentle story about Michael leading the star children across the stormy sea. This image has come up again and again in the course of evolution. To have the right idea about these things, you must visualize a battle which continued for decades in the spiritual worlds, from the 1840s until the autumn of 1879. Thus shall the Herald of Christ appear