O'Neill: To Oz? She replies that “those few thousand years on another planet have changed you more than you know.” In the meantime, the rest of SG-1 talks about the mutated humans, while Carter's and Evanov's conditions worsen. They then proceed to take O'Neill to Nirrti. She also scans his genetic coding and to her surprise, he seems to be different from the other humans. https://stargate.fandom.com/wiki/Metamorphosis?oldid=425059, In the opening scene where Jonas is asking, The events of this episode closely mirror the events of the 2000 movie. O'Neill: So. | Official Sites Colonel Sergei Evanov, returns ahead of schedule. She is brought to Nirrti, who scans her with the machine and starts to manipulate her DNA. Directed by Peter DeLuise. Afterward, SG-1 is freed and Eggar begins to heal his people, starting with Wodan. 616 Selectively breeding only those that demonstrated specific genetic attributes. Nirrti finishes with Carter and sends her back to the prison. The inhabitants worship Nirrti as their god and savior from a terrible plague. However, Carter herself is stunned by a cloaked Nirrti minutes later. Find trailers, reviews, synopsis, awards and cast information for Stargate SG-1 : Metamorphosis (2003) - Peter DeLuise on AllMovie - The SG-1 team squares off against the malevolent… 6.16 Not necessarily in that order, but you get the idea. | Cast Up to now, Nirrti's been using Eugenics. She promises him incredible power ruling alongside her. SG-1 investigate where the experiments are conducted, with the Russian SG team as backup. Directed by Guest stars January 15, 2003 Alebran suddenly starts to panic, sweat, and have convulsions. However, after a little teasing he slyly refuses, which angers her. O'Neill, recognizing his defeat, surrenders, removes his P90, and is stunned by Nirrti's zat. Carter: No, sir. Jacqueline Samuda & James Tichenor Teal'c: Nirrti is most interested in creating the perfect human host in order to increase her power. Apparently, she is not using eugenics (selective breeding) anymore, but a machine that can alter DNA in real-time, hoping to engineer a Hok'tar. Company Credits Main characters. Jonas: What about everyone else? As Wodan tries to take Jonas, Jonas attacks Eggar but is quickly defeated by Wodan and brought to Nirrti. The team (excluding Evanov, who is covering them) sneaks into the fortress, where they meet grotesquely deformed people. But you can't risk giving me those kind of powers unless you're certain I won't use them against you. With Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Corin Nemec. It's a movie. Jonas awakens, not in prison but in Nirrti's quarters where she tries to seduce him so that he will help her. Original air date Series Together with Carter, he is imprisoned in the basement, where he attempts to bargain with Wodan's people for SG-1's freedom, to no avail. I've been asked to integrate them more fully into our own operations. I'll remind him of that. Shortly thereafter, Wodan and Eggar bring in Evanov, who was apparently held in Nirrti's machine; Wodan then asks for Carter. Metamorphosis There they are stripped of their weapons and radios and are imprisoned by use of Wodan's telekinetic powers. Carter tells O'Neill not to worry, then glibly adds, "At least now I'll get to see how the machine works". SG-1 then plans to help, because Nirrti only has a small group of Jaffa to defend her (and because O'Neill let Nirrti go last time, and he won't do the same this time). He also shows them Nirrti's machine, an Ancient DNA resequencer. Carter enters the resequencer and Eggar reverses the manipulation that Nirrti had done; however, Carter's plan to study the machine will not happen, because the natives intend to destroy it after restoring everybody. However, Nirrti's "experiments" do not want SG-1 to kill her, and she gives Jonas Quinn an irresistible offer. The mutants are surprised by the death but not yet convinced it's Nirrti's doing. Margaret Hamilton. They bring back from P3X-367 a sickly man named Alebran, who informs Colonel Jack O'Neill that Nirrti is experimenting on his people. "Stargate SG-1" Metamorphosis (TV Episode 2003) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. He tells Wodan that everything they told them is true, she did kill all their people. O'Neill: (In reference to the death of Nirrti) Hail Dorothy, the wicked witch is dead. SG-1 finds Nirrti continuing her enhanced evolution experiments on the residents of the planet P3X-367. Also, the bullet which falls is pristine, lacking the rifling grooves the barrel would have printed on it while imparting the spin which would allow it to fly accurately. Jonas confirms her suspicion that he doesn't originate from Earth, telling her that a Goa'uld had transplanted his species from Earth thousands of years ago. (Source: HanCinema) Followed by What would I do? The team, along with the Russian SG-4, are sent to stop her. Nirrti: (to Jonas) Those few thousand years on another planet have changed you more than you know.