Aerials being similar to many songs by System of A Down is speaking ill of the government and its fascist ways. 29/jan/2015 - The Circus Freak Kid in System of a Down's Aerial's Music Video For a while, there was little music to be heard in the US, and when radio stations returned to regular programming, many dropped the first single, "Chop Suey," which references death and suicide. Lindsey Stirlins made an appearance in the System of a Down music video. In the video she accompanies the … What if people pass on it so that the truth isn't researched? Will we ever learn who that kid in the Aerials music video is? I'm going off some pretty grainy memories here from when I was 9/10 years old in the early 2000s. I was watching one of the MTV channels that still played music videos and this one came on with a pasty white kid (or small adult) that had long black Snape-ish hair and these creepy CGI eyes that were like at an angle (pointing inwards and downwards, almost catlike). Posted by u/[deleted] 2 years ago. Toxicity was the highly anticipated follow-up to System Of A Down's 1998 self-titled debut album. Hello, I need help identifying the pretty blonde woman in the System of a Down "Aerials" music video. Archived . One of the biggest mysteries of our world. 30. This was one of several videos she has appeared in. It was released on September 4, 2001 and went straight to #1 in America, but then September 11 happened. Will we ever learn who that kid in the Aerials music video is? She can be seen at the beginning of the video wearing a sexy red dress (the one on the left) while leaning on a car . 2 comments. Who is the girl in the system of a down aerials video? It is telling a story of how the government is sending stealth planes to watch over us in our everyday lives, hence the word Aerials. Close. What if it's an actual alien, who is friends with SOAD and helped them write their music?