The English James is derived from that French version. It is often used to refer to a beautiful or very attractive young woman. But Diego and "James" don't seem at all alike. Also available as App! Seit 2005 kommt der Name Diego häufiger in Deutschland vor. That name itself has an interesting origin: Ya'akov, which may have meant "may he protect" ("he" referring to Yahweh, the God of Israel), appears to be a word play on the Hebrew for "heel." In any case, Santiago is recognized as a name of its own today, and the New Testament book known as James in English goes according to the name of Santiago in Spanish.That same book is known today as Jacques in French and Jakobus in German, making the etymological link to the Old Testament or Hebrew Bible name more clear. Hahah, Mein Traummann heißt Diego und ich Sophia hihi. Jaime is a name of Iberian origin that various sources indicate is connected with James, although its etymology is unclear. Others say the phrase Sant Iaco (sant is an old form of "saint") turned into Santiago, which was then improperly divided by some speakers into San Tiago, leaving the name of Tiago, which morphed into Diego. On the other hand, some authorities say that the Spanish name Diego was derived from the Latin name Didacus, meaning "instructed." Und heute hat er Namenstag ! So’n Junge aus meiner Schule heißt Diego er ist 16 und hat rote Haare, seine Mum ist gebürtige Spanierin. There are also authorities who combine theories, saying that while Diego was derived from the old Hebrew name, it was influenced by Didacus. Und nur weil eine einzige Person ihr Kind so (ähnlich) genannt hat, denkt man doch nicht permanent bei dem Namen an diese eine Person. Your online dictionary for English-German translations. Unter Fersenhalter ist dabei der als zweiter von Zwillingsbrüdern geborene gemeint. Names Diego and James Trace Back to Hebrew . Isabella Belle Kendrick Abbott (1842–1893), American author; Belle Baker (1893–1957), American singer and actress; Belle Baranceanu (1902–1988), American artist; Belle Benchley (1882–1972), American director of the San Diego Zoo from 1927 to 1953 sein grosser bruder heisst matteo, Diego und Matteo meine absoluten leiblingsnamen. That name changed in several directions before arriving into the modern Spanish and English equivalents. The big change came as some varieties of Latin morphed into French, where Iacomus was shortened to Gemmes. If you keep in mind that in some languages the sounds of b and v are similar (in modern Spanish they're identical), the Hebrew and Greek versions of the name are close to identical. And in reverse, James can be translated to Spanish not only as Diego, but also as Iago, Jacobo, and Santiago. Jakob ist hebräischer Herkunft und bedeutet ursprünglich “Gott möge schützen”. Woher kommt der Name Diego ? The short explanation is that languages change over time, and if we trace the names of Diego and James as far back as we can, we end up with the Hebrew name of Ya'akov back into the days well before the Common or Christian Era. Schon in der Bibel wird der Name auch als “Überlister” oder “Fersenhalter” interpretiert. Der Name passt so gut zu ihm, er ist jetzt schon ein kleiner Fußballer !!! Some authorities say that Iago became lengthened to Tiago and then Diego. By the time the Greek Iakobos became Latin it had turned into Iacobus and then Iacomus. Der Name Diego ist eine spanische Form von Jakob. Ich bin heute noch stolz drauf, diesen Namen gewählt zu haben, auch ihm selbst gefällt der Name. Allen Diego´s “alles Liebe !! Beliebte Vornamen » » Namenslexikon » Diego. Der Name Diego ist eine spanische Form von Jakob. ... das bedeutet aber nicht, dass die gewählten Namen dadurch "Hunde-oder Katzennamen" sind oder dazu werden. Among the famous people named Diego are Diego Velázquez, a 17th-century Spanish painter; Diego Martín, a Spanish actor; former Argentine soccer player Diego Maradona; Diego Rivera, a 20th-century Mexican artist; Mexican actor Diego Luna; Mexican actor Diego Boneta; and 16th-century Jesuit priest Diego Laynez. Damit steht Diego auf Platz 314 der Vornamenhitliste für diesen Zeitraum. Also, these days it isn't unusual for the Spanish name Jaime to be used as a translation of James. According to the book of Genesis, Jacob was holding the heel of his twin brother Esau when the two were born. San Diego is just a 2-hour drive from Hollywood and provides film makers with a natural backdrop of beaches, military bases, border access, historic homes, parks and fabulous weather. The name of San Diego was given by the Spanishard explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1542. Diego ist auch eine Kurzform von Santiago (Santi Jago), was „heiliger Jakob“ bedeutet.